NEW colection 2023 - Panotia ID System

Hi, I’m Martín and I’m part of Pannotia. We manufacture accessories in 50% RECYCLED LEATHER and 50% VEGETABLE RUBBER. We do all in Spain completely by hand with a network of exclusively national providers.

We are based in Barcelona and we work very consciously to generate a strong impact on the local economy.
Pannotia was born as a social enterprise in Argentina about 5 years ago. Today we have been with the project in Spain for more than 2 years with many transformations.

Personally I am a follower of Yes Theory and I would like to congratulate you for the content and most importantly, the message they leave and the great impact they have on their community, honestly it is something that I appreciate and value very much. 

In order not to go on too long, I feel that Pannotia can be a great collaboration for Seek Discomfort, giving a new product to the community and most importantly with a big impact.

We are a small project eager to do something big. Working with you would be a great push to fulfill our dreams!
I hope you find the proposal interesting.

Obviously I await your response to move forward!